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Cannabis Accessories Must-Haves

There’s more to cannabis than smoking a joint or eating an edible. Whether you use it for medicinal or recreational purposes, you should enjoy your experience. The right tools can help you to bring your experience to the next level. Here are seven must-have cannabis accessories to consider adding to your collection.

A Good Grinder

One of the most common tools that comes to mind when hearing the words “cannabis accessories” is a grinder. If you purchase flowers, it’s a must.

A grinder enables you to dice up your buds while keeping your hands clean. The more well-known grinders are small canisters with “teeth” that you twist to grind your flower evenly. If portability isn’t an issue and you’d like something fancier, an automatic grinder like the Banana Bros. OTTO electric smart grinder is an interesting addition.

A Rolling Tray

A rolling tray provides you with a clean workspace to roll your own joints. It contains the mess and makes the process easier. To ensure that you’re never without your tray, consider one that attaches directly to your cellphone.

A Dugout

Don’t want to carry your entire stash with you? A dugout offers a more discreet and convenient way to carry less. It’s a small box that typically has a sliding lid and offers enough space to carry a single joint and a lighter.

A Multi-Tool

A cannabis-focused multi-tool like the Nuggy 10-in-1 comes with a variety of tools to assist in every aspect of smoking. Among the tools are a knife, tamper, roach clip, scooper, and scraper.

An Odor-Proof Bag

If your preferred method is smoking, you’re likely very aware of the fact that cannabis has a strong odor. Finding the right cannabis accessories for hiding it can be very difficult, making it a challenge to walk along crowded streets or into the office.

To stay more discreet, look for an odor-proof bag. Several brands like Skunk Bags and AnnaBis make a variety of stylish and practical bags that block the smell of cannabis. They look just like any other backpack, messenger bag, or purse, but allow you to transport your stash without everyone around you knowing it.


An Effective Cleaning Kit

Bongs, pipes, and vape pens are all effective ways to enjoy cannabis. They also all require cleaning. Without it, your tools suffer and are more likely to get ruined. A dirty pipe or pen also affects your overall experience. A good cleaning kit is essential.

A More Effective Way to Infuse

Do you enjoy making edibles at home? While rewarding, the process of decarboxylating your flower and infusing butter or oil can be tedious. The Ardent Nova FX makes it much easier. The device’s main function is decarboxylation, which takes less than two hours. Sensors help to maintain a consistent temperature to avoid scorching the flower. You can use the activated cannabis right away, or you can use the Nova FX to create an infusion. It can also be used as an oven to bake single-serve edibles.

Cannabis Accessories to Elevate Your Experience

The right cannabis accessories can help to elevate your experience, making it even more enjoyable. If you’re looking for something new to add to your collection (or perhaps looking to start your collection), these items are definitely worth checking out.

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