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Exciting New Strains: Bubblegum Runtz, Jack Frost, and Strawberry Cough

Hello fellow cannabis lovers! You're going to love the news I have for you. Three new strains have been added to our menu, including Jack Frost, Strawberry Cough, and Bubblegum Rutz. We hold a special place for each of these strains, and can't help but be excited to share their magic with you.

Bubblegum Runtz: Whirlwinds of Joy

A bit of history: I'd like to tell you a little about Bubblegum Runtz. It's more than just a strain, it's an entire celebration. This strain was created by the fusion of classic Bubblegum and fruity Runtz. It is a true testament to the art.

Why we love it: I was struck when I tried Bubblegum Rubnitz for the first time by its harmony. It's like a gentle happiness wave washing over you. Perfect for those days you need to escape.

Flavor Dance: Bubblegum Runtz's aroma will take you back to carefree childhood days when you would pop a bubblegum into your mouth. The combination of limonene and caryophyllene create a sweet symphony that is hard to resist.

Jack Frost An Uplifting Breeze

Jack Frost's Journey: Jack Frost is a longtime favorite in our dispensary. This masterpiece was created over five years by combining Jack Herer with White Widow and Northern Lights This strain is like a trusted friend. It's reliable and exhilarating.

The experience: Whenever I see a community member looking for inspiration or a boost of energy, I recommend Jack Frost. It's like morning coffee but better. A clear, focused high that inspires creativity and conversation.

Sensory delight: Jack Frost's scent is invigorating. It's a mixture of pine and earth, which takes you hiking through a forest of snow. This is a great experience for those who love the outdoors.

Strawberry Cough A Berry-Licious treat

Strawberry Fields Forever I'm always fascinated by the story of Strawberry Cough. One puff will reveal why it's believed to have been born in a strawberry patch. This strain is dedicated to strawberry lovers.

Why it's Special Each time I taste Strawberry Cough, I am reminded of why I fell in Love with Cannabis. It is incredibly smooth and offers a blissful high that will melt away your worries.

Enjoy the Berry Magic: Strawberry Cough's terpene profile is a berry treat. The blend of sweet and tart is reminiscent of a juicy, fresh strawberry on a hot summer day.

At Greenhouse DC, we’re more than just a store; we’re a community of passionate individuals who believe in the transformative power of cannabis. These new strains – Bubblegum Runtz, Jack Frost, and Strawberry Cough – are our latest offerings to enhance your experience and bring joy to your life.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. We're happy to help you navigate the cannabis world, whether you're a novice or a seasoned enthusiast.


This blog is intended for informational purposes and does not represent legal advice. Cannabis laws can change and it is important to keep up to date with the current regulations.

At GreenHouseDC Dispensary, we are more than just a cannabis store in Washington DC. We are a holistic wellness center dedicated to providing the community with premium medical marijuana and CBD products. Our commitment to quality and organic sourcing ensures that you receive only the best herbal remedies for your unique needs. Whether you're seeking pain relief, relaxation, or a natural alternative to traditional medicine, our knowledgeable staff is here to guide you. Dive into our wide range of products, from edibles to tinctures, and experience the GreenhouseDC difference. Don't wait any longer; elevate your health and well-being with us. Visit our store today and let us be your trusted partner in holistic wellness.

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